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Important things to remember when moving forward with Android app development

There are hundreds of millions of Android devices around the world today, with the Android operating system easily regarded as the most popular of all the mobile operating systems in existence today.

This is why you are going to want to make sure that you dive headfirst into the world of Android app development just as soon as humanly possible – if only to get in on the “gold rush” that is Android app development today!

Build applications that solve problems

There are already hundreds of thousands of applications in the Android marketplace, but the ones that enjoyed the most success – the ones that offer you the opportunity to create the kind of financial future you’ve always dreamed of – are the ones that solve problems for real people.

If you’re looking to cash in big time with Android app development, you’ll want to solve problems first – worry about the actual development of the app later.

Streamline and simplify your user interface

One of the things that kills mobile applications faster than anything else - and really turns people away from specific apps – is a user interface that is anything but streamlined or simplified.

Too many apps are cluttered, next will possible to use, and ridiculously difficult to navigate.

Spend a lot of time (A LOT of time) simplifying your user interface and you’ll be ahead of the game considerably when it comes to Android app development.

Don’t be afraid of releasing applications earlier than you’re comfortable with

There is certainly going to be a temptation to want to be a bit of a perfectionist with your Android application, but you will want to avoid that at all costs.

Though you aren’t going to want to flood the market with half developed Android applications, you probably should release your mobile app before you think it’s really ready – if only to capitalize on opportunities that may not exist by the time you get around to publishing your app.

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