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Creative & Attractive Web Design

At Searchstar.ca, we specialize in creating visually stunning web designs that best represent your business. Our objective is to design websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and useful. We provide creative solutions which cater to your company’s specifications and objectives.

Our team has extensive development experience and embraces the latest technologies to empower our clients. We build responsive websites that work seamlessly across all modern devices and browsers.

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HTML 5 Responsive Web Design

    With so many consumers using smartphones it is imperative to
    have a website that can function across multiple platforms –
    This is where HTML 5 responsive web designs become necessary.

    Using the latest HTML 5 coding, we ensure your content will be
    compatible on any device by designing your website to respond
    to all screen sizes, providing optimal presentation.

    With responsive web design, content, images, menus etc will
    resize and reorganize in order to adapt to the device being used.
    Your website will display in a user-friendly fashion on TVs, desktops,
    laptops, tablet, smartphones and any other web-ready devices.

Content Management Systems

    A Content Management System is a web-based application
    with an easy-to-use interface that allows businesses to publish,
    edit and modify content on their website.

    With the implementation of a CMS platform such as Wordpress,
    Drupal and Joomla, our clients can manage and update their
    websites without any prior web coding experience – If you know
    how to simply operate a Web-Browser you can easily manage
    the content of your website! Really...It's that easy!

E-Commerce Solutions

    For clients who are looking to take their business to the next
    level, E-commerce is a great way to widen your companies reach
    and generate new sales – Think of it as being your virtual store front.

    Our team utilizes the latest E-Commerce technology and offers the
    best in standard features and functionality – making it easy for your
    customers to find the products they want and order them instantly
    and securely.

  • Manage Content & Inventory
  • Integrated Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • Promos & Discount Options
  • Accept Credit Cards & Paypal
  • Analytical Reports & Statistics
  • & So Much More

Start Building Your Website Today!

Our team is dedicated to designing and developing websites that meet your businesses requirements. Whether you require a simple blog, eCommerce site or a completely customized site, we will provide you with the best solutions to create a website that gets you results and maximizes the returns on your investment.

Contact us for a free consultation today. Our consultation process consists of a brief no-pressure phone call that allows us to provide you with professional advice.

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